A Brief History of Psychological Trauma

Psychological trauma was recognized by the early Greeks as both a source, and a consequence of great mental distress. Indeed, the English word ‘trauma’ derives from the ancient Greek word τραῦμα which means simply: ‘wound’. And so the fore fathers of medicine, working from a diagnostic system that remarkably, is recognizable and functional to us some […]

The Neurobiology of Trauma


The nervous system regulates the activities of the body and mind. The brain is part of the nervous system. There are many complicated ways to describe the brain’s functions. As a way to make this information easier to understand, it can be helpful to think about the brain as having three parts 1. The Neocortex, […]

What Is Complex Trauma?

So what is complex trauma and what makes it different from other forms of psychological trauma? Complex trauma generally refers to traumatic stressors that are interpersonal, that is, they are premeditated, planned, and caused by other humans, such as violating and/or exploitation of another person. Interpersonal abuse, assault and violence can be a one‐time occurrence […]