About Alexis

I am a Psychotherapist specialising in the treatment of Addiction, Trauma, PTSD and other Disorders of Extreme Stress Not Otherwise Specified (DESNOS), such as eating disorders.

Alexis Fosler, MSc (International Addiction Studies), MA (Counselling)

Alexis is a seasoned psychotherapist, specialising in substance use disorders, eating disorders, trauma and other disorders of extreme stress. In her previous career that spanned 3 decades, she has worked at the C-suite level for several Fortune 500 companies including in private equity, investment banking and in high-end wellness organisations across the Asia Pacific. Having retrained as a psychotherapist, she is uniquely positioned to provide support to individuals seeking recovery from trauma and stressor-related disorders which include problems related to substance use and other addictions, eating disorders, and problems related to executive burnout and general work-life imbalance.

Her approach is a holistic one and she works from the biopsychosocial perspective of health and wellness. She is a firm advocate of person-centred therapeutic methods allied to cognitive-based therapies, as well as the wider principles of behavioural and social psychology.

A long-time collaborator of Reshie Joseph, she also utilises the Living Free method and program wherever appropriate in working with her clients adding her own unique set of skills and talent to the benefit of those she works with.